Indulge In The Beauty Of Modern Abstract Art With Matt Pecson

Modern art has brought with it great changes in how we view the artist’s work. The great shifts in art movements over the years include everything from impressionism to expressionism, abstract art, pop art, and many more in the now post-modern world. Artist Matt Pecson provides his own spin to all these art movements through his original hand painted works. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all, and pieces that allow our own words to be reflected in the work are exciting and profound. It helps create a link between the genius improvisational artworks of Pecson and anyone who buys his work.

Even without knowing the artist has synesthesia it’s evident that music and sound is a centerpiece in almost everything he paints. He most enjoys painting off the canvas, using items like vinyl records and doors to celebrate great American artists like Elvis or Johnny Cash. In an interview with Sarasota today, he opined that he loved “raw brushstrokes, the fact that you can convey so much information in a single stroke. That’s what makes the painting interesting.

Even the execution of brush painting is an act of such confidence. It’s a one-shot deal; a razor’s edge, a precarious balance.”
Immortalizing the already immortal because they need to be remembered, Pecson celebrates their art through his own vision of the great figures in American art. Art collectors interested in his work can buy it on Etsy.


Psychedelic Art Painting (12×16)

This piece positively vibrates with energetic brushstrokes in bright, exciting colors. The circular shapes almost look like speakers that are pulsing music with a great beat into a club or house party. The cacophony of his strokes using buttery soft oil sticks is controlled chaos that still somehow works when you view it.

The bright and urban nature really speaks to the excitement of the artwork and it would not look out of place in the lobby of a business or as the centerpiece in a modern home. This work cheerfully pulses out brushstrokes into the room, making it feel three dimensional and bright.

Large Abstract Painting (36×36)

The artwork swirls with bright colors like it’s blaring from a trumpet in an underground jazz club. The eye is easily led through the whole painting by the brushstrokes in bright, engaging colors while the vivid oil stick lines on the canvas will make it a focal point for any office or home. It swirls this way and that looks like an entire orchestral setup.

There’s a very colorful violin, a bright oboe, and an amazing French horn. They look like they’re doing a brilliant improvisational jazz number at an amazing jam session It’s like the piece captures what music and sound can create in your heart and soul. The bright lines are sound waves in angles and swirls; the colors are indicative of sound itself.

Circus (108×72)

Bright and exciting, this oil on canvas work is really geometric even with its swirls and lines that defy set shapes. A circus is really an apt title because of the way some parts of the piece look like curled elephant trunks seen through the lens of abstract expressionism. Pecson manages to depict the excitement of the high wire, the trapeze, and everything that makes a circus great entertainment. The strokes of the oil stick make it seem almost graffiti-like so it’s no surprise that oil sticks and spray paint was used to create this particular piece of artwork.

The music of the circus is all about death-defying leaps and gasps from the audience. Pecson manages to illustrate this beautifully. A lot of the geometric designs combined with the bright colors bring South American and Aztec artwork to mind as well. The layers to this piece seem very complex in its themes.

It makes sense looking at these pieces that the artist has synesthesia, a condition where he hears colors. It’s akin to artists using LSD in the sixties and Pecson’s work does vibrate with sound. It’s as if the potential viewer has synesthesia themselves which actually helps create a sense of intimacy with the artist that makes the work all the richer.

The patterns and shapes combined with the rich bright colors convey a veritable cacophony of sound, so much so that it would be interesting to know what sounds or musical pieces inspired each of the above-mentioned works. It would be amazing to hear the music as the artwork is viewed, perhaps as a gallery exhibition.

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  1. DO NOT purchase from Matt Pecson on Etsy!! Horrible customer service with this seller and website!! I’ve been robbed of $1150!! I have hole in my painting and no resolution and no refund! I have photos to prove the damage!

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