3 Uses For Custom Hydraulic Seals You Didn’t Think Of

custom hydraulic seals

Custom hydraulic seals are an oftentimes overlooked aspect when it comes to different objects or machines. However, they are very important. While hydraulic cylinders are used in many different ways, without custom hydraulic seals, your screen doors or dump trucks will fail to open and close properly. As you can tell already, the application of custom hydraulic seals is quite wide. You can find them in specialized equipment, but they’re also present in your own home.

These cylinders use pressure and fluid to extend and contract a piston from the cylinder. They can be used for light or heavy loads and are essential in some industries. Without a seal or O-ring, however, these pistons will not work as intended. You can even get custom seals and rings for use in prototyping, repairs, and experiments.

Custom Hydraulic Seals: Prototyping

When you are making a prototype for a new product, having the ability to order custom hydraulic cylinder seals and o rings can really come in handy. Many companies will take your project specifications and design a seal to fit.

This gives you the ability to not only design but also order your seals in bulk when you head to the production stage. This is really helpful as it allows you to test out your ideas. It’s also helpful for the seal manufacturers because they can find the best fit possible.


Just like people, objects and machines age. They either rust or give out due to the usual wear and tear. Basically, the older something gets, the more it needs repairs or replacement. The same holds true for your older hydraulics.

If you happen to have rare equipment, then it can be harder to find the right seal to repair it. This generally means having to either find a custom one or scrapping the whole unit. Of course, we’re talking about a scenario no one wants to go through.

Why? Because it involves spending money and wasting time at the mechanic. Fortunately, custom hydraulic seals and O-rings can help you. They work by keeping your equipment running better and for longer. This means you get to save time and money on replacements.


A healthy part of a student’s education is dedicated to building equipment and experimenting with different configurations. This can include building a custom hydraulic cylinder system for a science fair or school project. Teachers and schools can get custom or standard seals as part of their supplies and spark the mechanical learning of students. Introducing these custom hydraulic seals in the classroom can be very helpful for future generations.

Real, palpable objects can stimulate the appetite of young minds for knowledge. However, they can also spark the interest in an engineering breakthrough!

The vast majority of hydraulic parts manufacturers will have both standard and custom seals and O-rings, available for sale. This diversity in options to choose from will help you with a variety of different projects. Whether you are trying to build the next innovation in equipment or repair a classic model, you can find what you need!

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