How To Write The Perfect Appeal Letter For Recovering Suspended Amazon Accounts

There are many reasons why Amazon seller accounts are suspended and it’s not always clear how to get Amazon to reconsider. It may all seem even a little futile whether the reason for the suspension has been made clear or not and when the business is someone’s main source of income, the loss of an Amazon storefront can be more than a little worrying. Here are some common reasons accounts may be suspended:

1. Quality Control: The product description does not match the product that is being sent out.

2. Packaging: Not including a packing slip or packaging the product poorly so that it is broken upon arrival. Packing items in a way that results in the product being broken or scuffed.

3. Product Complaints: Defective products that cause customer complaints. For example, items being not as described, broken, or scuffed.

4. Negative Feedback: Too many customers have left negative reviews about the product or business. For whatever reasons, customers do not like what they received and rate the business accordingly.

5. Copyright Violations: Sells products using copyrighted images that the copyright holder has complained about.

Figuring out just what to do or say in order to get accounts out of suspension isn’t easy to understand. Some communication has to occur in order to even be considered for appeal. Not everyone is a great letter writer and just might need some help. A site like Amazon Appeal can help by crafting the perfect letter to appeal any suspension. Beat Amazon’s suspension policies with the best appeal letter that can be written.

A successful appeal is only a form away and business owners can be confident that they’ll be back to business soon. It can be a difficult process to go alone on. Amazon may have its reasons for the suspension but appealing has never been so easy. All that’s needed is a great, articulate letter stating the ways the business will improve on the faulty issues. Selling things on Amazon will bring sales once again.

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  1. I would like to inquire about information regarding a recent suspension of my
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