How To Tell If Your Sewer Is Clogged

Odds are if you don’t think about your sewer, it’s probably because it’s working as it should. It’s one of the hidden heroes of a working house that keeps everything running. However, when it clogs it can be downright smelly and messy. The sooner it’s caught, the easier and cheaper it is to fix in order to get the system running normally again.

Knowing the signs of trouble and finding the right sewage repair company is vital to solving this very smelly problem. Here are a few tips on how you can tell when your sewer system is becoming clogged.

Toilet Trouble

The most common sign of sewer trouble is water backing out of drains and toilets. If this is happening, you might also be hearing a disturbing gurgling sound from your toilet. The water backing up might be seen in the basement drain first whereas the gurgling might be heard after using the dishwasher for example.

At this point, it might be a secondary line rather than the main line leading to the sewer itself so it’s important to catch these problems as early as possible.


Clogged sewer lines can happen for a variety of reasons from tree roots to feminine hygiene products. The only thing that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper in order to prevent clogs that can destroy your yard when the sewage starts overflowing. Older homes are particularly prey to tree roots disrupting the pipes because sewer lines were constructed with clay pipes with many joints where the trees can easily enter and block water flow.

Maintenance is Key

It cannot be stressed enough that that regular maintenance of sewer lines and the sewer system is vital to ensure that your house doesn’t become a smelly mess. You’ll end up saving money and avoiding pesky emergency call outs to sewer cleaners.

Try filling your sinks to the top and then draining them. Doing that once a month will help keep water pressure under control. Sewer cleaning companies can also be consulted in order to form a regular maintenance plan for your particular pipes to help prevent many common problems.

If the Sewer Overflows

If you suspect your sewer lines are clogged, then you must call professionals like Downriver Plumbers in Downriver, Michigan to handle the situation. They’ll take care of everything from frozen, busted pipes to slab leaks and sewer excavations. The experts can send a little camera down the line to see exactly what is blocking your particular sewer and then they can prescribe a solution to repair things.

Sewage overflow is a horrible thing to happen to anyone and can end up costing thousands of dollars to repair. Finding a reputable company like Downriver Plumbers is key to ensuring your house never has to suffer from such an event. They can advise you on proper maintenance and repair minor problems before they become major problems. Your house will thank you.

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