How To Stop Buying So Much Junk

The Easter holidays are almost around the corner now, even though it feels like only yesterday we were singing carols around the Christmas tree. Still, spring is upon us with all its glorious sunshine and energy and so, we must prepare for another cheerful holiday.

For most of us, this translates to switching off our rational mind and starting to buy a lot of useless things that we really don’t need. While consumerism seems to be the foundation of the economy, this does not mean that you should become a crazy person who buys anything within arm’s reach.

Even though we all know that holidays are not about buying stuff, but about giving and receiving love, joy, and gratitude, we oftentimes lose track of what is important and let the shiny, new things steal our attention and to some extent our money. Also, all of this rush to go and buy things can be really stressful. Here’s how you can stop yourself from giving in to consumerism:

1. Stop Buying Stuff Just So You Know You Bought Stuff

Do not go out and buy gifts just for the sake of buying them. When you want to show someone you really care about them, do something that lets them know how you feel about them. Your love does not have to equate the amount you pay for a certain gift.

However, there are gifts we need to buy out of obligation. Still, you don’t have to max out your credit card for such an occasion. Instead of spending many dollars on something, try to spend smart: buy something useful, such as a gift card or a ticket to some city they wanted to visit.

2. De-Clutter Before You Bring In The New

Remember last year? And all those gifts that are now on display? Well, this year you’re likely to get a new one – which is why you should start de-cluttering your home. You don’t want to end up surrounded by gifts and memorabilia to the point you cannot move freely around and cannot clean the house properly, do you now?

To do this is really simple. Each month of the year, get rid of a few things that you really don’t need. You can donate them, or have a garage sale once a year or even throw them away. Just, keep your house neat and clean and well-organized.

3. Remember The Meaning Of The Holidays

Adopting a minimalistic approach to holidays isn’t just healthy to your wallet, but also your mind. Stop worrying about buying something cool and awesome and perfect for your beloved ones. Instead, ask them to write a short and decent wish list. Also, talk to them and agree to the number of things you give each other per gift. This way, you all ensure you buy each other things that you need and that is useful. Also, this way, you amplify the gesture of giving and you can see more clearly what holidays are about: spending quality time with the ones you love.

To sum up, holidays are coming, and there are cheer and excitement in the fresh spring air. Remember to ask yourself whenever you’re about to purchase a gift for someone “Is this item useful or meaningful to this person?”. Also keep in mind, that holidays are a time of family and friends, not consumerism. So enjoy the atmosphere of love, joy, and gratitude and stop buying junk. Happy Holidays!

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