How To Make Your Wedding Pop – DIY Method!

Do it yourself (DIY) is in when it comes to weddings. From handmade boutonnieres to rustic centerpieces, the crafty amongst us can give every facet of the wedding a personal touch. Sound scary? It isn’t! Even someone with no experience can try some of the items on this list and come out with beautiful handmade items for the wedding.

1. A huge wedding cake can be so expensive, especially when it comes to having to buy plates to put individual pieces on. Why not try cupcakes? They can still look elegant and keeping in the theme of your wedding. Choose a liner and a complementing wrapper. Local arts and crafts stores only have one brand so check out Craft Clouds to stand out from the crowd.

2. Keeping with cupcakes, you can make a beautiful cupcake stand with candlestick holders and trays you can find at the local secondhand shop. Stick a couple of elegant trays together with a candlestick holder in-between, then spray paint it in whatever color you want. You have a wholly unique way of displaying your cupcakes on your big day!

3. And what do you put your new cupcake stand on? A table of course! It just needs to be properly outfitted with a tablecloth, complete with tulle or organza decorations. Craft Clouds has you covered there too with loads of color and pattern choices for whatever theme or look you could want.

4. Simple centerpieces can be elegant and much more affordable than the elaborate ones shown on television. For the rustic wedding, try a few small logs, some twine, and some colored butterflies. If you want to go more elegant, get a martini glass and put in a small flower arrangement!

5. If you want a few other options for dessert, try a candy buffet. Let your guests load up on salt water taffy, licorice, chocolate, and Swedish fish and carry it home in lovely treat boxes at the end of the night. There is a treat bag for almost every theme or color scheme at Craft Cloud. Guests will love it!

Customizing your wedding by getting a bit crafty is totally on trend right now. Finding the right craft supplies is key and your perfect day will feel more like a celebration of you and the one you love. Enjoy the day and know it’s unique to you. Congratulations!

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