Here’s How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters And Why

No one likes to get out there in the fall months when there’s perfectly lovely weather just to clean out those wet gutters that are now filled with leaves. The truth is, you should be cleaning your gutters more than once a year in order to prevent damage to your home. To not do this routine piece of household maintenance is to endure pain in your pocketbook later on. Why endure the cost of clogged gutters when the solutions are simple? Your house will end up thanking you when it isn’t damaged by the perils of clogged gutters.

Blocked gutters will end up causing property damage, plain and simple. The water will gather and drip, causing cascading waterfalls which will either cause icicles or drip down into the ceiling or the home structure itself. The weight of the leaves and water that gather in gutters will actually end up pulling the gutters away from the house. That means you have to pay for repairs and so the costs will just start to climb.

Water will begin to drip down the sides of the house and if it can, it will get inside the house, rotting the wood of the very structure of the house itself. When it gets cold, the ice still in the gutters will expand through freezing and then it begins to create leaks in the roof. Water can also pool at the foundation since gutters are not working normally and that can damage even the foundation itself.

It’s clear then that cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is important to keep your house in working order. A company like A2HomePros in Ann Arbor, Michigan can come twice a year to perform routine maintenance to clean the gutters and make sure there aren’t any bugs or birds building themselves a home. Professionals should be able to come for a free estimate and work with you to decide what your gutters need. This should generally be done in the spring and fall as a regular course of maintenance for your home.

Gutter cleaning can generally be accomplished in a couple of hours while more intensive repairs might take up to a whole day. The important thing to keep in mind is that the quicker problems are fixed, the less expensive damage clogged gutters can cause. Just make sure that whoever you hire has insurance in case of accidents. After all, they will be working on a ladder so safety should be the utmost priority.

Cleaning gutters is a pretty simple thing to do in order to make sure your home retains its structural integrity from the outside and going in. Professional gutter cleaning services like A2HomePros in Ann Arbor, Michigan can even do the job for you. Save yourself the time and energy that it would take you, a non-professional gutter cleaner, to do the same thing the professionals can. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of clean and clear gutters!

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