The Easiest Ways To Get Instagram Views

get more instagram views

The world of social media revolves on page and video views, and Instagram is no different than any other social media platform. It’s not always easy to get those views, however. In fact, it can be downright puzzling to figure out how to get your content in front of a crowd. Thankfully there are services out there that can help you reach the amount of Instagram views that you want for your content. In fact, it makes it easier than ever if your end goal is becoming more popular with your account.

Let’s say you’ve tried getting views on your Instagram videos and attempted all the tricks. You’ve tried having a specific theme or angle to what you post. You’re downright religious about posting on a regular basis and try to keep your videos as creative as possible. Even your hashtags are well thought out and you’re always on the ball about interacting with your followers.

Your videos are crisp and easy to view, yet you still aren’t getting the followers you really desire. You’ve exhausted every how-to article and tip list for gaining those precious Instagram views. Your content still does not get the views you expect it will.

Thankfully SocialProof’s new service, $5 Instagram Views, can help solve any problems you may have with getting enough views for the content you’re producing. This is literally the most affordable way to build up your view count.

You can get 500 views for $5, over 1000 for $6, right up to 11,000 views for $30. First, you need to actually post your video to Instagram. Once you’ve done that, then you can copy the URL of your post. That’s all you need in order to start ordering from SocialProof for gaining Instagram views!

Setting up the service to work for you is pretty quick and easy as well. Paste the URL of your post into the order form. You can even split your order up to give views to up to four different videos. After you enter your payment information and once the server has confirmed payment, they can begin to work for you. Usually, this happens within 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait terribly long. Their system watches the video or videos for the minimum length of time for it to count as a view before moving on to another view.

Instagram is rolling out the change from likes to view counts on videos so it’s now more important than ever to get those view counts rising. Advertisers will take notice of videos with high view counts and arrange their budgets accordingly. The more popular you are, the more valuable your account will be to Instagram.

This way you can focus on creating amazing content for videos on Instagram without worrying about reaching a basic threshold of view counts. SocialProof’s $5 Instagram Views service is obviously the easiest way to go so that your videos get the attention and views that it deserves.

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