FlyteCourier – Uber For International Shipping

Traveling the world is one of life’s unparalleled joys. Planet Earth is so rich and varied that new experience is around every corner for even the most seasoned traveler. Yet even the tiniest trip is expensive when it comes to buying airfare. Add any fees and it quickly becomes out of reach. What can potential travelers do once they’ve booked a trip to save or even earn money on their flight? With FlyteCourier, there is a sharing economy based solution for anyone in need of courier services.

FlyteCourier is a website and online marketplace that provides a way to link people flying internationally with people who need to send packages abroad. When you’ve booked your flight, you can put in a free Space Listing indicating that you have extra luggage space that you wish to have someone use as a courier service. Conversely, people who need to send something internationally create an Item Listing. No matter what side of the sharing economy you land on, it’s completely free to place the listing.

Basically, you can send anything that the airline allows and find someone willing to be your courier. Couriers, on the other hand, can earn money pretty easily doing what they would have done anyway: traveling! Sending documents, medicines, electronics, clothes, documents and more via International Shipping is much more expensive than sending things through FlyteCourier. Money doesn’t even begin to change hands until a deal is made.

To help foster trust between the courier and the person who needs an item shipped, FlyteCourier requires photos of the shipped items to be uploaded to their website. Two-way matching means both courier and client are well matched for the transaction (called deals on FlyteCourier) and transfer of goods to be shipped abroad. Both sides can trust each other to complete the transaction in a manner that benefits them both. The enhanced workflow used by FlyteCourier makes sure there’s a high degree of transparency every step of the way.

Sending things to loved ones overseas used to be such a nightmare. Now it’s easy to send a gift to anyone from China to Timbuktu thanks to FlyteCourier Uber for International Shipping. International travel is expensive; becoming a courier and making use of your extra luggage space to earn money really is a no brainer. Bon voyage and enjoy the journey!


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