Fitbit Fitness Tracker Competitions – For A Healthier, Sexier You

Congratulations on starting the process of becoming a better you through physical fitness! Whether it’s a new years resolution to lose some weight or just wanting to be healthier, deciding to improve yourself is the first step to your new goals. Luckily, people are bombarded with different ways to go about becoming fit.

There’s a plethora of different books, diets, and fitness regimens to use that seem to multiply every year. The game changer in the fitness world lately has to be technology. Tech has become almost a necessity in every part of our lives today, and fitness is no exception. Fitbit has really opened up the market with its line of wearable fitness trackers, which gives the wearer a well-rounded view of their physical activity during the day.

The great part about all the data that Fitbit tracks are that it can be used not only as a way to benchmark your progress but it can also be used as a way to encourage people to improve themselves. Healthy competition really is a great way to lift yourself and others out of any weight plateaus you might find yourself in.

Because you’re engaging with a community, fitness competitions will make sure there are a plethora of accountability partners around in order to spur you on to your weight loss or fitness goals. Exercising isn’t the easiest thing to continue with; there’s a reason so many failed New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight or exercising more. What can really propel you into action is to take part in a live Fitbit fitness tracker competition. Make becoming fit a game!

There are a lot of great Live Fitbit Fitness Tracker Competitions, but the best has to be Soul Athlete. While some competitions might pace the challenge over several days, Soul Athlete reopens competition every twenty-four hours to individuals or teams of individuals. A new Soul Athlete is crowned at the end of every challenge period so it really encourages people to never settle. It’s much harder to be lax about exercising when every day becomes a challenge.

In fact, Fitbit’s CEO claims that “Fitbit users with friends tend to be far more active than those without—27% to be exact. When you start adding social elements and friendly competition like being a part of a leader board, cheering, taunting, and direct messaging, activity increases.” The competition will only do you good!

Interested in Soul Athlete? Here are the steps you need to accomplish in order to begin your new fitness competition:

1. Sign Up to Soul Athlete. It’s easy and already you’re feeling more accomplished, right?

2. Link your fitness tracker and select the sports category you want to compete in. (They offer everything from baseball to running to biking!)

3. Check the lightning bolt on the Soul Athlete website to see live rankings. Use your current ranking to push yourself even harder. Walk more, play more, and you’ll see the results in more way than one.

4. Try to become the new Soul Athlete every 24 hours! If you’ve failed, just take that day and try to improve on what activity you did the next day. No day is a failed day if you’re active.

Social challenges can really spur people into becoming more and more active in order to beat the competition. The great thing about Soul Athlete is that you can customize it to whatever sport or activity you love the most. It’s no longer just about how many steps you take. All that matters is that you’re more active and inch towards your fitness goals. Clearly, Live Fitbit Fitness Tracker Competitions are the way forward for anyone really serious about becoming fit and losing weight the active way!

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