Finding the Right Communication System for Site Safety

When you have heavy industrial operations in remote places like oil fields, mining, or even timber, you need to be sure your communications are always up. Not only do you need to be able to talk to the people in the field when production goals change or when site visitors are due out there, but you also need to be sure they can always reach out when there’s a safety issue and they need help fixing things or even extracting wounded workers.

Intrinsically safe communication solutions are designed to provide system redundancies that keep comms up by using as many available resources as possible to provide them with a connection.

Safety Is Security

One of the upsides to working with a provider who custom designs your communications to make them safe and nearly impossible to disrupt is that they are also designing a system that’s secure. It stands to reason, after all, that part of resisting disruption is resisting organized efforts to compromise that system, whether to shut it down or to eavesdrop.

The more complex, secure, and proprietary your communication system design, the harder it is for outside actors to anticipate its makeup. That means while you’re protecting remote sites from losing communications in an emergency, you’re also investing in making sure their operational communications are as secure from eavesdropping as they are from extreme weather interruptions.

Communication Pathways To Suit Your Environment

Another good reason to work with a custom system design is to make sure every site is using the most efficient communication solution, whether it’s VoIP wired to your ethernet, satellite phone and internet service to a remote location, or even traditional PBX setups in a dense office park environment. Each business has unique needs, so why buy an out-of-the-box solution for them? Custom design is an investment, but it’s just as much an investment in peace of mind as it is in the utility.

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