Find A Great Criminal Lawyer In San Antonio

Being charged with a crime can be one of the worst things to happen to a person, and you’ll want to hire a lawyer right away. More specifically, you’ll want to hire a good lawyer, one who is experienced in criminal law.

Just like medical doctors, lawyers often specialize in a certain area, so it important to find a legal representative who focuses on criminal defense. An attorney will advise you on your rights, the nature of the charges, the best defense, and how to deal with the results of the plea bargain or trial.

Everyone knows the spiel cops give about if you’re not able to afford a lawyer, one will be assigned to represent you, but why rely on a public defender? There are plenty of lawyers in the local area that can provide legal advice in your hour of need.

Finding a lawyer who has successfully defended people from very similar charges can mean the difference between walking free and spending time behind bars. A good defense attorney will explain your rights at every turn during the legal process to make sure you have every chance of a happy outcome.

One of the best criminal lawyers in San Antonio, Texas is the solo practice of Thomas Beck. The Texas Bar Association reports that Beck is currently in good standing and is allowed to practice law within the state of Texas. He graduated with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech University and has been practicing law since 1982.

That means he has decades of experience in representing people facing a criminal trial. Hiring a local lawyer is the best bet for resolving criminal cases, especially if they involve plea agreements.

Mr. Beck also runs a blog in which he discusses the news of the day called “Sex, Guns, Law, and Economics.” You can access it at He provides an entertaining viewpoint on everything from marijuana possession criminal charges to foreign affairs. It’s clear that he regularly applies out of the box thinking to all manner of things in today’s society.

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