Explore Asia And Discover Its Marvels – Purple Dragon LGBT Edition

Traveling the world can be a stunning way to open your mind and throw yourself into new experiences. Immersing yourself in another culture is really the way to go for any time spent away from home. A little rest and relaxation at one time or another are needed for everyone, and the best way to do that is to have your next holiday in Asia. The countries on the Asian continent are brimming with beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, and breathtaking cultural opportunities. Opportunity is just a holiday away.

Planning a holiday when you’re LGBT can be difficult. It takes time and effort to find LGBT-friendly accommodation and research the attitudes of the area you want to travel in. Who has time for that? Clearly, the solution is to take advantage of Purple Dragon.

They’re Asia’s largest tour operator who specializes in LGBT friendly tours of Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Nepal, China, India, Laos, and Thailand. In fact, Purple Dragon Travel has been in operation for 17 years and offer hotel operations from basic to five-star accommodations.

Their all-inclusive tour packages are perfectly tailored to whatever it is you’re coming to Asia for. No matter the size of the group, Purple Dragon will provide flexible packages that will be perfect for your needs. Coming to Asia to take advantage of Thailand’s low-cost healthcare? Purple Dragon has a health and wellness package just for you!

You don’t even have to be gay to use Purple Dragon. They’ll provide stellar service no matter your orientation. The best English-speaking guides in Asia will lead the way through river cruises, fine food, beach resort stays, shopping, cooking lessons, elephant riding, and more!

Be adventurous and choose Asia for your next vacation. Once you decide that, the very next thing you should do is to contact Purple Dragon Tours. They’ll come up with a customized travel plan that will be perfect in every single way. A holiday should be memorable and exciting, so indulge yourself and let the vibrancy of Asia’s culture, history, and lifestyle dazzle you. You’ll never regret it!


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