Enhancing Your Business With AI

To maintain a competitive edge in your business, it is imperative to initiate AI (artificial intelligence) systems. AI systems are splendid for various areas of your company that range from an answer call service to pharmaceutical R&D applications. AI are invariably self-driving vehicles that oblige intelligent robots and personal assistants.

Enterprise Cognitive Computing

Enterprise cognitive computing (ECC) is the usage of artificial intelligence that enhances business operations by including embedding algorithms into applications supporting organizational procedures. Applications of ECC can automatically repeat formulaic tasks. And as a result, orders are delivered with the utmost improvements in the information analysis speed and in the accuracy and reliability of outputs. For instance, ECC applications of call centers can answer customer calls in five seconds on a daily basis, and 90% of customers’ calls are properly handled on the first call. Also, these applications transfer complex problems to the right department with under half of the customers interacting with a machine.

ECC applications’ power comes with the ability to be more proficient in data and time to inform decisions. And as a result, companies can have more productivity and more employees who are free to perform specific areas that need more focus, creativity, and human adaptability in the company.

More Examples Of How Beneficial ECC Can Be

There are a plethora of things that these AI systems can do for your company. You can use it for your company in a way that will make your organization more proficient which leads to more profitability. The following includes some more examples of how enterprise cognitive computing can be beneficial:

  • By providing loan requests in banking applications
  • Detecting possible fraud
  • Using legal applications to detect important case precedents
  • Developing buying/selling recommendations and predictions through investment applications
  • Scheduling equipment maintenance through manufacturing applications
  • Predicting the success of the development of drugs through pharmaceutical R&D applications and more.


It will behoove you more than ever to utilize a top-notch AI system, aka enterprise cognitive computing, for your organization. The power of ECC applications comes with the ability to be more proficient in data and time to inform decisions. With it, you can obtain and retain a competitive edge. And with the economic uncertainties and pandemics, it is critical to use every beneficial tool possible to survive, to still gain profit, and getting on top of your competitive game especially when the economy gets back on track.

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