The Differences Between Warehouses And Distribution Centers

When you order something online, it is exciting when you can get it within a day or two. While you might think it came from a warehouse, it probably came from a distribution center. There are a few differences between these two facilities.

Number Of Items Available

The first difference between distribution and warehousing Valley Cottage NY, is what all is possible to get from the facility you contact. If you are ordering only one type of product that comes from a sole manufacturer, it will probably come from a warehouse. However, if you are ordering a variety of items, it will be shipped from a distribution site. This facility stores and sends a wide assortment of things for purchase. It does so quickly, so there is a short shelf life to it.


A distribution center will be more connected than a warehouse. Advanced technology is essential in a place like this to locate the different items on the floor so that they can be pulled for an order. These networks also can alert someone to contact the manufacturer to have items reordered when they reach a certain number left on the shelf. In a warehouse, things can be more simple since the producer knows where that specific item is on their floor. When the time comes to ship it out, they can find it easily.

The Consumer

Warehouses are geared to take care of their own customer base, so they produce and store what their end-user needs. A distribution center services all sorts of customers with different requirements. Some will provide for both commercial and personal clients. It is the go-between for the manufacturer and the person at the end who has placed the order on a website or by phone. It can also satisfy multiple products from several companies at one time.

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