Designing T-Shirts: What You Need To Consider

T-shirts are integral to casual wear. Everyone owns a t-shirt and every single shirt is a blank canvas for artists and business owners. It is the classic fashion design when you think of the word casual. Ever look at the designs on t-shirts and think, “hey I could do that?” Then you might just want to consider starting a t-shirt design business.

The most important quality in starting any business is focusing on the quality of the product. If shirts tear or shrink, there’s not going to be much in the way of return business for your awesome designs. Finding a company like MD Textile to provide you with good quality shirts, polos, and pullovers are of paramount importance to your business. The quality of the painting is only so good as the quality of the materials, the ink and the canvas (or in our case the shirts), right?

Deciding on the right shirt to print your designs on isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sacrificing quality because you want a higher profit margin will surely see your profits dry up as customers spread negative reviews of your product.

In contrast, picking the right shirt, made of good quality materials, will help your business grow when customers share where a great product can be bought. It all comes down to whether you want or need the new and returning business. It all starts and ends with how good your materials are. This cannot be stated enough to really show how important it is.

Be sure to look for a good fit, sizing range, material quality, softness, and weight. Narrow down your choices and then order them yourself to doubly make sure everything is to your satisfaction. People want to be comfortable in what they wear so softness needs to be assessed in person since it’s hard to judge through the screen.

MD Textile provides some great options for printing purposes like t-shirts, sweaters, pullovers, and polos, including a no shrink brand. They even sell the packaging and shipping materials you need to get your product to all your soon to be many sartorially inclined customers.

One of the most important things an artist needs is a strong message. People wear your designs because they like the look of them or wear them because their cool. People respond to quality, aesthetic attractiveness, and the message being conveyed. Work on the effectiveness and uniformity of your brand to better convey your ideas.

Be funny, be profound, be a mixture of all sorts of things but be consistent. Once you’ve decided on the t-shirt you want to use and the message you wish to print on it, next you need to research the printing process and the quality of ink you wish to use to print your designs.

Congratulations on deciding to open your new t-shirt design business! Thanks to your due diligence, soon we’ll be seeing your designs on everyone as they go about their life. Good luck!

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