Dalix Garment Bags – Perfect For Business Travelers

If you are constantly finding yourself on hectic airports around the globe and your business trips are continuing to get you all over the place, maybe it is a good idea to drop the fancy business bags and be more practical. Why carry an expensive, leather business bag around, only to see how it gets damaged during each trip when you can rely on quality garment bags instead?

51AKmC-mFpL._SX300_Your prized leather bag will soon become unusable and you will have to purchase a new one – snap, there goes your money; money that you could save and do something nice for yourself when your busy schedule allows it. Why not choose the DALIX 39″ Business Garment Bag Cover for Suits and Dresses Clothing Foldable w Pockets instead?

This professional business bag has a zippered main compartment and two front pockets, which can also be closed and opened with zippers. It is made of 600D polyester – a highly resistant material that protects the contents of your garment bag and preserves its neat look for much longer. The bag also has an imprint area for monogram or heat transfer, so you can personalize it as you see fit.

When it comes to garment bags, the DALIX 39″ is the ideal choice for those who are always on the run for business purposes. It will not get dirty as fast as a precious leather bag and it is highly resistant, so do not worry about dropping or scratching it – it will still look and feel as if it were brand new.

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