Customer Review – The G700 Military Grade Flashlight

I have been a fan of flashlights my entire life but I have never seen such a powerful flashlight like the G700 military grade. From the first day that this flashlight was released on the market, I was amazed by it and wanted to buy it so badly. Since the first day of release, this flashlight managed to sell more than 100k units worldwide. The number speak for the high-quality performances that this flashlight owns but still there are some who don’t think that this is the ultimate flashlight.

In order to prove the high-quality concept of the G700 flashlight, I have put together an honest and detailed review of this flashlight for the ones who are not convinced of the high-quality performances of the G700. This review of G700 Flashlight by BloggTech helped as well.

Military hardware technology

g700kitMany people are familiar with the fact that military technology is 10 years advanced that ever other available technology for regular citizens. The adjustment that was upgraded on the G700 flashlight was with integrating the military hardware into the flashlight.

Almost every flashlight hardware works on very similar principal where for transmitting the lumen capacity a LED diode is used.

LED diodes are known as a very outdated hardware technology that because of their circular body structure aren’t able to transmit the entire lumen power. The military flashlight hardware works on a principal where instead of LED diodes LED chips are used.

LED chips body structure is square which allows the lumen power to be concentrated into one place with 100% of the lumen capacity of a flashlight.

Battery capacity

The main feature on every flashlight that makes all flashlights reliable in outdoor and indoor activates is the battery life longevity. Without long-lasting battery longevity, the flashlight isn’t reliable enough for any kind of outdoor activates. For this particular part G700 engineers have tried to lower the percentage of battery usage for a very long time but now with the integration of the military hardware, this flashlight is more than reliable for any kind of activates. With the revolutionary military hardware technology, the G700 is now able to last up to 72 hours of constant work.

Rechargeable option

One of the smaller adjustments that turned out to be very useful was the integrating of the rechargeable option. The one thing that made this flashlight unattractive was the maintaining process. For powering such a powerful flashlight like the G700 you will need 3 double-AAA batteries. Not everyone wants to maintain their flashlight every month, that’s an unwanted extra expanse of 10 dollars. Lacily the rechargeable option is available on the G700 and you no longer have to worry about the extra expense.

Indestructible material

One of the things that make this flashlight to be in the military grade category is, in fact, its indestructible material. Made with an aircraft aluminum which is used in every other military equipment this flashlight is very durable in harsh conditions and it can be also used underwater for several minutes.

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