Curb Appeal Tricks for Large Front Yards

curb appeal tricks for a large front yard

You may have seen shows on tv about curb appeal tricks, but most of the homes on these shows are close to the street. In the case of these homes, people walking or driving by can easily see them in all their glory. They can see the trim work and ground-covering you’ve chosen. In other words, in this case, home-owners can easily create a good first impression of the house.


If for some reason, your house is farther back due to a longer front yard, try these curb appeal tricks. These few tricks are bound to catch peoples’ eyes regardless if you have a larger front yard!

Curb Appeal Tricks That Actually Work

Curve and Define Your Driveway

The first rule to remember in this case is that the eye needs a path to follow. This is simple psychology. We like to follow with our eyes defined shapes.


If your driveway is undefined, the eye will scatter and not meet the house as it should. For a home that is close to the road, a defined driveway will suffice. If you have a large front yard, however, you might want to try something else. For example, you could curve the driveway. This way, you will add interest and visually shorten the distance. You can also use contrasting gravel or pavers, and line it with low shrubs. If you’re having a gated yard, put the gate on gate casters and make it automatic for easy entry.

Line the Perimeter with Tall Trees

Following the same rule as above, you can use tall trees to direct the eye to the house. Depending on your preferences and climate, you may choose oak for a stately feel, maple for autumn color and potentially syrup, palm for tropical, cypress for the Mediterranean, or mesquite for a desert home.


Use a Mid-Toned Paint

Choosing a paint color is a commitment, so put some thought into it. Why? Because after you paint something, you cannot simply take it off. A good paint will last years. So make sure you think things through.

To give your house curb appeal at the end of a long driveway, choose a paint color that is not too bright or too dark. If it’s too dark, it will sink into the background, and if too light, it will compete with the visual elements in the front yard. Lastly, choosing a contrasting trim color will define the features of your house that are visible from the road and give it presence.


As you can tell by now, getting things right can have a huge impact on how your house looks. From colors to shrubs and curved driveways, there are many ways you can visually enhance your property. Indeed, there’s something dramatic about a big front yard with a long driveway. If you design it correctly, you can have an excellent curb appeal!

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