Cool Things Down Outside When Having A Garden Party

Learn how to cool things down outside

Nothing beats throwing a garden party during summer. The weather is nice, it’s barbeque season and almost everyone is likely to have time off from work. This means you and your guests can party long into the morning hours and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, there is a drawback to outdoor parties during summer: heat. Depending on where you live, summers can easily get too hot for an outside party during the day. This might force you to start the party later or throw it indoors. Instead of partying indoor or inviting your guests over at night, we have prepared a short list of tips and tricks in order to help you cool things down outside.

Short of having a yard air conditioner, is there any way to keep your guests from overheating? The answer is yes! Check out the tips below!

Learn How To Cool Things Down Outside When Having A Garden Party

Evaporative Coolers

For formal events like weddings or more formal parties, you absolutely need the air temps to be cooler. Thanks to the high levels of stress and restrictive clothing, many people will be hot. Evaporative coolers are a great way to do this. You can expect up to a 20-degree temperature change when using these portable air conditioners. They work by pushing air across a wet pad, creating a cool breeze. This way, everyone will feel better and stop sweating in their suits and formal dresses.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to cool things down is to create movement in the air. What better and cheaper way to simulate a breeze than through fans? From ceiling fans on the patio to portable fans in the yard, stirring the warm air can make it feel cooler than it is. Of course, this will only work is there is enough humidity in the air. If you live in an area where the air is really dry and the temperatures are high, a regular fan will only make you hotter! For all other area, regular fans do the job! When the air is too still to be comfortable, try some fans for a little relief.


In recent years, misters have managed to spread everywhere – and for good reason! They are really good at cooling things down. There are several ways to utilize misters. From professionally installed systems to small devices you can attach to water hoses and use in combination with fans, there is a solution for any situation. Using a similar principle to the evaporative coolers, small droplets of water are pushed through a fan to get an evaporative effect to cause a cooling sensation. According to the temperature and humidity, you could expect up to 30-degree temperature reduction.

Fun and Games

If your event is casual and you are looking for a fun way to cool things off, consider incorporating some games that will cool your guests off. Water balloons and water guns can be a fun way to lighten the mood and the temperatures. Just make sure to provide some towels and dryers for the clothes.

All things considered, if you want to cool things down for a perfect garden party, there are quite a few options you can choose from such as fans and misters. Of course, you can also opt for a water balloon fights. The choice is yours. Hopefully, this article helped you find a way to cool things down outside for your garden party! Good luck and have fun!

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