Commercial Boilers – What You Need To Know About Them

office building commercial boilers

Commercial boilers are an integral part of any HVAC system placed within your place of business. In the cold winters of Michigan, it keeps both you and your customers warm. That makes maintenance of commercial boilers essential in order to keep it in working order for the next winter and many more winters to come.

The first thing that should always be done is to keep the boiler clean of soot and scale. This should be done by a reputable company like Michigan HVAC Pros, who specialize in the maintenance, installation, and repair of commercial boilers in Dearborn, Michigan. Not having the commercial boiler cleaned can waste energy and cause higher utility bills. In the long run, it simply isn’t economically efficient to keep the commercial boiler dirty.

Regular maintenance should also include yearly inspections during the spring or summer to make sure the boiler will work when cold weather arrives again. Schedule a cleaning in the fall just to make certain everything is ready to go before winter. There are several common problems that might require service by companies that repair a commercial boiler in Dearborn Michigan. These include soot buildup, strange noises (such as whistling or gurgling), blockages, or pressure changes (either loss or excessive gain).

When you find yourself in need of a commercial boiler repair company, there are a few things you should look for. Always go with a contractor who is fully licensed and insured for boiler inspections, installation, and interest. Keep in mind that getting a new boiler is not always the perfect solution. Many boilers, even those that have not been properly maintained for many years, can be repaired to the point of working well as new. Boilers are not really built with moving parts so they’re really made to last.

Do not attempt to repair the commercial boiler yourself as you could potentially cause more damage. It is important that only HVAC specialists attend to your boiler needs. Check to see if the company offers a scheduled maintenance package to more easily keep up with making sure the boiler runs perfectly. That won’t mean that there won’t be needed repairs but it reduces the chance of something seriously going wrong.

The perfect company to repair your commercial boiler in Dearborn Michigan is Michigan HVAC Pros. They can inspect the boiler you currently have, advise as to any new safety devices that need to be installed, and recommend the best course of action for your business. You can then focus on the running of your business while they work on keeping that boiler running.

A reputable boiler service should be able to do their best to keep an old boiler running as it will save you more money than having to install a new one. That said, the boiler service and repair company will also be more than capable of installing a new boiler if required as well as getting rid of the old one.

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