CNN Money Adds A Bitcoin Ticker

Up until recently, financial platforms have been quite reticent when it came to bitcoin, but the reality is that the past few years have shown us that numerous financial institutions are no longer strangers to bitcoins and the major benefits these can bring to the table. The latest institution that brings a bitcoin-related service on its website is CNN Money.

Despite the fact that CNN Money didn’t take bitcoin seriously until now, recently the platform has added a page for bitcoin that is pretty much similar to all of its other currencies. You get a price chart for bitcoin that receives daily updates and at the same time, you can also read the latest bitcoin-related news on the same page, which is really cool, to say the least.

This move comes after an interesting shift of change in the Bitcoin strategy and the publishing of a book from the CNN Money specialist named Bitcoin and the future of money. This book is considered one of the best ones and a reference on this particular topic, something that clearly shows the high value that CNN provides in the financial sector.

One thing is still unknown for now, how good can the bitcoin be on the XBT. For the moment, there’s only a single method that can be used, and that is to trade bitcoin on reputable exchange markets, but it seems that soon a new solution will be available, and that is to trade on the EFT market.

It seems that CNN money is treating bitcoin as a stock, suitable for investment and stuff like that. However, it’s important to know that Bitcoin is far from being stock.

While the bitcoin platform on its own does have some similarities with the stock market, such as being able to perform market acquisitions and investing in the desired things so you can get the best possible outcome, the reality is that bitcoin can be used to purchase a multitude of other things as well, something you will surely appreciate. Stock doesn’t allow you to purchase items in a supermarket or online, whereas with bitcoin you can easily do that.

This is what makes bitcoin very important on the market, and this is exactly what caused the introduction of the bitcoin service on the CNN Money platform and website.

As you can see, CNN Money seems to think that Bitcoin is a worthwhile currency in the online world, and you can rest assured that this surely has an impact on the investor market. More and more venture capitalists, as well as corporate investors, are seeing the bitcoin platform as a great way to increase their profits, yet despite that, we don’t think that the XBT price will increase drastically. The bitcoin platform is surely thriving right now, but if the service will be a good one or not in the future, only time can actually tell us!

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