Choosing the Right Filling Machine: Three Tips To Consider

Choosing the Right Filling Machine: Three Tips To Consider

Choosing the right filling machine is very important. Buying the right package filling equipment can be one of the biggest decisions you make for your company. These machines will need to be able to handle the volume of product you need filled in each day as well as handle the size and shape of both the product and the container.

In order to help you learn more about this important purchase, we’ve prepared a short article detailing the top three most important tips to consider. The three main things that you should keep in mind are product, package and machine types.

Choosing the Right Filling Machine: Three Tips To Consider

It all starts with proper research

Start by doing some research on different product types. Not all filling machines and equipment will be able to handle each type of product. This means you will have to spend some time online reading up on the different types of filling machines available. You will want to make sure that you research which materials your product will react negatively with as well as the viscosity of any liquids. This can ensure that the equipment runs at maximum design efficiency without damaging your products. For instance, if you are bottling an acid like lemon juice, then you will need the machine surfaces touching the liquid to be resistant to that type of tarnishing.

There are a lot of package types to choose from

Next thing you should do some research on is package types. Like most things in this world, there is quite a wide range of products to choose form. The type of package that you want to use needs to be compatible with the type of filling machine that you purchase. For instance, if you are filling one-gallon buckets of paint, then your requirement are different. In this instance, you will not want a machine that can handle five-gallon buckets as the rails and nozzles will be too big for your package. Luckily, most machines are versatile enough that you can find one to fit multiple package types.

Choosing smartly between different machine types

Naturally, not all machine types are created equal. Not every filling machine is equal in terms of craftsmanship, price, and warranty. Finding a reputable manufacturer to partner with can help you find the right machine and package type for your product. Consider comparing various makes and models of fillers. This can also help you to find the one which meets most of your needs. Either way, you need to choose smartly, otherwise, you might end up regretting your purchase.

As you can tell, all of these tips have one common theme: research. The truth is, the more research you do on your products, packages, and machines, the easier you will be able to find the right match of all three. This can help you streamline your production with less stress while still offering the very best to your customers. After all, that’s what good businesses are all about: balancing the production costs while maximizing the profits.

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