What Is Steel Channel Used For?

steel channel

For versatility and durability in manufacturing, it’s hard to beat steel channels. The basic steel channel can vary in thickness and length. They might be shaped like a square C or have lips on either side of the cross-section. Steel channel beams can also have bolting holes or ridges added for increased strength. Regardless of the form, steel channel beams are used in a variety of applications. This article will detail a few examples below. Vehicle Manufacturing Vehicles often have ... Read More »

Cloud Computing Boosts Productivity And Lowers Costs

cloud computing

When the pandemic forced the world to stop commuting in 2020, cloud computing took off in a new way. As early adopters looked on, multitudes began using the tools they had for more than a decade. While sequestration caused some problems, it also worked to develop new solutions, and software manufacturers further improved their offerings. The lesson in business agility proved simple. You could remain in business if you devised a way to work without direct contact with others. Corporations sent their ... Read More »

What Happens To Your Clothes at the Dry Cleaners?

You may wash the majority of your clothes at home, but some clothes take special care. Do you know what happens after you drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners? Here are the basic steps each piece goes through before you pick them up. 1. Tagging and Inspection The first step is checking your clothes in on the dry cleaning conveyor. Then the staff checks for visible issues or stains before sending them back to be prepped. Noticeable stains ... Read More »

The Importance of Compressed Air Filtration

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to make sure everything is running smoothly and that includes the functionality of your components and systems. When particles, water and oils enter compressed air, they can reduce the service life, productivity and energy efficiency of your machines and equipment. This is why it’s so important to have donaldson compressed air filters to ensure the air is clean and free of particles. Why Compressed Air Filters Are Necessary Not only ... Read More »

Different Uses Of Dry Ice You Never Thought Of

different uses of dry ice

You may have used dry ice at some point in your high school science class. However, this solid form of carbon dioxide has many purposes that go beyond scientific experiments. If you’re in the mood to explore different situations where dry ice comes in handy, check out these innovative uses of the versatile substance. Keep Produce Fresh Instead of placing your fruits and vegetables in the freezer, you can try keeping them fresh with dry ice. Using dry ice to ... Read More »

Metal Casting – Essential Craft Information For The Curious

metal casting

From the metal pieces that make your car engine run to the handle you use to open the door to the key you put in the ignition, you rely every day on items created by casting metal. The pipes in your kitchen, the faucet in your sink, the knobs on your cabinets—if they’re metal, they were likely created in one way or another by metal casting services. Even the necklace you’re wearing or the ring on your finger may have ... Read More »

How The Radio Changed The World

Learn how the radio changed the world

The next time you look at your cell phone, imagine the first call made on cellular in 1973. Back then, a cellphone was not much more than a very heavy big, black box with an antenna. Because of that simple invention, you now have the freedom to take your small handheld device anywhere you go – and you probably do. However, it all started with the radio, and society has been dramatically influenced and transformed three times since Marconi came ... Read More »

Choosing the Right Filling Machine: Three Tips To Consider

Choosing the Right Filling Machine: Three Tips To Consider

Choosing the right filling machine is very important. Buying the right package filling equipment can be one of the biggest decisions you make for your company. These machines will need to be able to handle the volume of product you need filled in each day as well as handle the size and shape of both the product and the container. In order to help you learn more about this important purchase, we’ve prepared a short article detailing the top three ... Read More »

Make Appliances Last Longer: 3 Simple Tips

Learn how to make appliances last longer

Nobody wants to spend money on appliances that don’t last. At the same time, appliances can get worn down pretty easily. This can become problematic in the long run. For this reason alone, it’s important when making purchases that you choose smartly. However, choosing smartly is not enough. You must also use them with care. It’s the only you can ensure your products can go the distance. Keep the following tips in mind if you want to make appliances last ... Read More »

What Is A Ribbon Mixer – Everything You Need To Know

A ribbon mixer can be used in many industries

People don’t often think about the process behind things they frequently enjoy. For example, they don’t typically wonder how the cement was made that poured the road they drive on, or how fertilizer was mixed into the bag of soil they buy at the local plant shop. A lot of things in the industry are not lone products, they are mixed in with other ingredients or blended to loosen the consistency. No typical blender could tackle this process, however, it’s ... Read More »