Why Backlinks Are So Important For Ranking

Page ranking can make or break a website. Studies show that the first website on a search page gets over 33% of web traffic searching for related topics. Clearly the key to getting that large a percentage of visitors are worth the effort to attain the title of number one page ranking or at least as close to first as possible. For that aim, a website needs to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a priority and to do that, backlinks ... Read More »

The Blogger’s 8 Essential Tips To Increasing Facebook Blog Traffic

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. In most countries, the majority know someone with a Facebook account. It’s a whole world of untapped potential for bloggers to take advantage of. Sadly, the highest conversion rates for the best marketers are only 25 percent. This isn’t a lot. And for the rest of us, the maximum is normally 3 percent. So is it really worth it? Some would say the numbers are too low to make it worthwhile. ... Read More »

WordPress Themes For Lawyers You Should Definitely Consider

In today’s world, a business is only as good as the front it presents to potential customers. A website or blog is now the first way most people judge a company by. This is just as true for lawyers as it is for any other business. The reasons are simple. A professional website gives the impression to clients that a business is legitimate and invested in its success. That fledgling trust is very important for the client-lawyer relationship. A good ... Read More »

6 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic And Improve Your Alexa Rank

You can find thousand of methods only that are designed to help you generate more traffic to your website. Some good, some bad and some, really, really lame. But, if you intend on writing high quality, original content, then you shouldn’t worry too much about it as that will ensure a natural increase in your visitors. Still, if you want to take a more proactive approach, read on. 1. Think: Catchy Headlines = More Traffic I bet you a hundred ... Read More »

Top White-Hat SEO Trends That Rule 2015

Last year rose a popular article where the author predicted upcoming trends for SEO. But since Spring is knocking on our doors I thought it was time to take a look at where we’re at in terms of SEO. The Google giant has been keeping itself busy over the past year. Regular SEO techniques, tasks, and roles have changed dramatically. Let us have a look at what changes we are seeing so far in 2015. 1. The Google giant’s authority ... Read More »

Writing Articles For SEO – A 5-Step Guide That’s Easy To Follow

Search Engine Optimization is a very important method used in online publishing in order to increase visibility and traffic, which results in a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. To write an article for Search Engine Optimization requires one to have good writing skills. That will ensure an interesting and pleasant to read an article that has strategically placed key phrases or keywords and of course, the inclusion of hyperlinks that will boost the traffic of your page. ... Read More »

5 Ways To Prevent Your Craigslist Post From Being Flagged

Business owners can spend a lot of time on marketing to clients. Craigslist gives them a great way to bring their products directly to the attention of the community they serve in by posting on the site. However, sometimes even the best posts get flagged for a variety of reasons: 1. Not Spreading Posts Out It might seem convenient to post all of your inventory (cars or houses for example) at once and get on with your day but it ... Read More »

Tunnel Bear – The Really Simple, Private VPN

The great thing about the modern world is the Internet. But do you have access to literally everything online? More and more companies, news outlets, and media sites are creating different sites for users according to their IP address’ country of residence. This is great for local, tailored content but so many people want more than that; they want access to everything. For those people, content shouldn’t be restricted just because of what country they’re in; the worldwide internet should ... Read More »

How To Use Amazon RSS Feeds To The Best Advantage

Congratulations on deciding to sell products on your blog or website through Amazon’s affiliate program! You can make money doing what you love through your site and visitors can reap the rewards by getting the best Amazon deals. Amazon makes it so easy to set up an account and you can even manage multiple web properties from one account. You can choose from millions upon millions of products to be sold on your website or blog and Amazon RSS feeds ... Read More »

Mobilizer – The Intuitive Mobile Website Builder

There is nothing in this world that can compare to the Internet in terms of growth and development. Back in 1997, there were approximately 1 million websites on the World Wide Web and 10 years later that number rose to 150! Nobody could have foreseen that. Nowadays, more and more people connect to the Internet via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which is why mobile-friendly websites are experiencing an exponential increase in both demand and popularity. Since the ... Read More »