NeverRepeataJoke.com – Bringing Education And Entertainment Together

Nowadays, there are many facets of education and, thus, we can learn a great deal of things, but there is one aspect in our daily lives that most people do not even think of as an area requiring a certain degree of education. If you have not yet figured it out, I am speaking about entertainment. We all go to the movies, we see concerts, some of us still frequent the Opera – but there is no one that can ... Read More »

Matt Pecson – A Contemporary Pop Artist Worthy Of Our Attention

It is sometimes said that nowadays it is impossible to create something original. Everything you can think of already exists or is about to be launched on the market, but when it comes to art, and especially contemporary pop art paintings, the above-stated affirmation must be regarded as false. I usually keep an eye on what happens in the artistic world. Every now and then I happen to stumble upon a website belonging to an artist that I feel needs ... Read More »