Casement Windows – The Most Common Benefits And Drawbacks

casement windows

There are several different choices that can be made when replacing or installing new windows. Casement windows are a type of window that is hung vertically and made of vinyl. They typically open via a hinge on the left or right side of the window. This type of window is considered to be very sturdy due to its simple construction and most of the time open out rather than in. It is a simple design for a window but still looks nice in whatever building it is installed in.

There are a few strong advantages to casement windows. This includes the low cost, variety of designs, ventilation ability, and its energy-efficient capacities. In fact, casement windows can start at as little as $150 with the installation. Its energy efficiency is down to how well the sash seals around the frame, thus reducing airflow from the outside during the winter months.

During warm weather, the window can be opened farther than any other type of window, which does a great deal for keeping the house cooler without taxing the air conditioner. The windows are able to get side breezes into the house.

There are a few disadvantages to casement windows, however. For one, box air conditioners cannot be installed at these windows and storm screens can’t be installed either. Casement windows are also limited in size because it has to retain structural integrity even while open, which restricts your options of installing them.

Additionally, there is a danger for small children who can easily fall out of the windows when open whereas with other types of windows, the top can be opened and you can keep the bottom part closed. The mechanical closing mechanism means that there are more parts that can fail.

Home Windows Michigan in Downriver Michigan does not recommend that casement windows be installed throughout the house though they do agree that the pros win over cons. They can recommend where to put casement windows to the best advantage of cool breezes for the summer or beautiful views that can best be enjoyed through such windows.

Windows can be a great investment that can help with energy efficiency and save on heating/air conditioning bills so it’s important to make the right choice. It’s not just about the way the window looks though there are quite a lot of different options (like French, colonial grill, or flat top) out there for casement window looks.

Casement windows have a lot of advantages for the modern home to the effect that it outweighs the disadvantages. Getting a company like Home Windows Michigan in Downriver Michigan who can advise you as to where best to install casement windows is ideal so that you can place the windows in exactly the right place. Then you can enjoy the wonderful breezes bringing air into the house during the summer and enjoy the way the windows seal the house in during the winter with the addition of wonderful casement windows to your home.

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