Boracay – 3 Reasons For Gay Tourists To Visit The Ibiza Of Asia

Banyugan beach in Boracay

Gay-friendly travel hasn’t really been around for such a long time and this is mainly because many countries around the globe just haven’t accepted the LGBT community as a functional part of society. Luckily enough though, things have changed for the better in the past few decades and progress is made every day now. Hopefully, we’ll soon live in a world that doesn’t judge people for whom they love and/or how they feel about their gender.

If you’re gay and you’re enthusiastic about booking a trip to Boracay, you have every reason to feel like that. Why? Boracay is gay-friendly, as are the Philippines, as a matter of fact. It is considered safe for gay tourists to visit the island of Boracay. This being said, here are the top three reasons to visit Boracay for your next gay vacation destination.

Boracay’s White Beach Is A Natural Marvel

The main beach of the island is commonly referred to as White Beach and it is a popular destination for gay tourists. On the 4 km beach, you’ll find bars, restaurants, and resorts. The nightlife is also very appreciated.

For those who really love the water and enjoy a good swim, White Beach will feel like heaven on Earth. The turquoise water is ideal for swimming and the powdery sand doesn’t really get hot. How amazing is that?

Nightlife For Party Lovers

Boracay has a vibrant nightlife and many tourists actually speak of the island as being the “Ibiza of Asia”. Drinks are cheap, people are friendly and the music just keeps playing until the sun rises – the perfect ingredients for a gay night out. There are many venues to choose from, so you won’t have to visit the same club every evening.

Amazing Seafood

Boracay is one of those places in the world where you can find the best food in the region, and since this is a tropical island the main culinary attraction is seafood. If you don’t like seafood, there will be plenty of other dishes for you to indulge in. If you’re a real foodie and you love fish, squid, and prawns, Boracay is the place where you’ll find 23 different types of seafood!

Boracay is an ideal vacation destination for gay tourists. The people are friendly and welcoming and everything else on the island is Paradise on Earth. Check out this site for more gay Boracay information.


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