Bathroom Remodeling Tips Without Breaking The Bank

Bathroom remodeling tips for the ideal bathroom

One of the fastest ways to evaluate the worth of a home – and by extension the bank account of the owner- is by checking out the bathroom. This particular room speaks volumes of a house. It’s the place with the highest levels of humidity and the room with all the marvels of our civilization: plumping, electricity, AC, and heating. Basically, the bathroom has it all. Unfortunately, this is also the room that gets worn down the fastest. That’s where bathroom remodeling tips come into play. Learn how to remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank with our simple, yet effective tips!

Bathroom Remodeling Tips:

Use Fewer Tiles

Whenever you start remodeling a room on a budget, it’s best to downsize as much as possible. In this case, to lower your expenses, limit your tiles. No matter what type of tile you choose, the final price will always be quite high. That’s because tiles tend to get expensive, especially if you don’t glue them on the wall yourself.

Therefore, in order to save money, try to limit the number of tiles. Do that by focusing on high-impact areas. Instead of adding tiles on your floor, limit yourself to the inside of the shower stall.  Or, if your budget allows you, tile one horizontal strip along the wall and paint the rest.

Of course, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look bleak. Buy some artistic and expensive tiles, and use them as an accent alongside the cheaper tile.


Granite countertops look really good. That’s why they’re so popular. However, if you plan on remodeling your bathroom without breaking the bank, you have to reconsider your stance of granite. Instead of covering an entire wall with granite countertops, consider downsizing. This will lower your investment considerably.

TIP: Neutral colors are very popular, but they’re also more expensive. Choose different colors for your granite countertops and you will save even more money!

If granite countertops are out of your price range, then consider using an old dresser as a sink pedestal. Simply cut out the top of the dresser and add the sink on top! With the right tools and maybe a little paint, it can look stunning!

Update Fixtures

No bathroom remodeling in Grosse Ile, Michigan would make sense without updating the fixtures. Light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks and drawer pulls can be easily updated. The best thing about changing these is the effect. You don’t have to change the entire furniture. Sometimes, it’s enough to switch the old fixtures for new ones. The effect can be dramatic!

TIP: Don’t shop for towel racks at IKEA. Instead, use old plumping. It will save you a lot of money and give your bathroom a cool, industrial style!

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to update your bathroom. After all, bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank, unless, of course, you don’t mind that. By making smart and effective changes to your current bathroom design, you can refresh the entire room in no time. Hopefully, our tips on bathroom remodeling will help you make your bathroom look brand new again!

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