Amora Gem Rings – The Latest Engagement Ring Trends

The decision to propose is a weighty decision that can change both of your lives forever. Shouldn’t the ring match the commitment to spending the rest of your lives together? Whether it’s the person who proposes that picks out the ring or it’s something you do together as a couple very much in love, diamonds really do last forever.

The cost of engagement rings means that you really do need to love the ring when you buy it because it’s a symbol of everything you’ve shared together.

For those about purchasing an engagement ring, there are a few rules that have been long established. First, find the shape and cut your future fiancée prefers and feels look good on her hands.

That may take a little sneakiness or at least enlisting the help of a close friend or relative who knows your potential fiancée well. The main thing to remember about cost is to make sure you’re not going into debt. The two month’s salary isn’t realistic in today’s world.

Here are a few great trends going on in the world of engagement ring design:

  • Mixed Metals: It provides a beautiful contrast to the diamond.
  • Vintage Designs: Not every girl can have an actual family heirloom on her finger so a design that hearkens back to older designs is the next best thing.
  • Elaborate Side Views: This takes into account not only the traditional way a ring is presented to viewers but how it looks from all angles.
  • Split Bands: Creating a very structured feel to the ring, split bands create some great visual interest.

One of the best engagement rings you can buy today has to be from AMORA Gem Engagement Rings from Bel Viaggio. Their socially conscious designs offer a lovely range of absolutely stunning engagement rings that can suit all sorts of tastes.

Designer Stacy Kripas utilizes old school technique and modern tools to create the absolute best engagement rings possible. AMORA gems are actually lab-grown gems that are designed to surpass diamonds in brilliancy and luster to make them shine from any ring setting they’re put in.

Bel Viaggio’s AMORA Gem Engagement Rings are designed with many of the current engagement ring trends in mind while still retaining a timeless quality that you will adore years down the line.

The AMORA Gem Ultra H&A Round and Diamond Engagement Ring 1.94 CTW, for example, has a vintage feel with split bands, a striking halo design, and scrollwork detail on the side of the ring. Meanwhile, the AMORA Gem Ultra H&A Round Engagement Ring 2.2 CTW is a more modern split band design with mixed metals providing contrast for sparkling gems.

Those are just two examples in this line of engagement rings that are perfect for a wide range of tastes. This is a time that you’ll remember forever every time you look at the perfect ring on her finger. Bel Viaggio’s line of engagement rings will last as long as your love does and shine just as bright. The perfect ring will make itself known once you begin to shop. Congratulations on deciding to propose!

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