Abstract Art – Pastels As An Investment In The Soul, Not Just The Home

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Art can speak to our soul in ways we cannot put into words, and as the common saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Surrounding ourselves with art enriches our lives and makes the world beautiful, so it stands to reason that decorating our homes with art we like, in a style we like, is very important. Art for art’s sake is a simple but profound way of saying how poor a world without art would be. Humans by and large are very visual creatures. Even if you can’t draw a straight line, you can still see the beauty in the skill of others, much like you don’t have to be a cook to enjoy the finest cuisine.

Collecting abstract art for the home should be a reflection of who you are and what you like, even if it steps outside of your comfort zone. Today the Internet makes that even easier than before, because you can literally shop from artists the world over, without ever leaving your house. Art is no longer solely the patronage of the rich. Anyone with a discerning eye can buy amazing pastels for his or her walls.

A well-rounded collection, full of eclectic pieces, should enhance the overall interior design of your apartment or house, and choosing the right piece should really come down to the skill of the artist in creating feelings within whoever views their work. Abstract statement paintings can and should be the focus of any other interior design choices.

Contemporary art, in particular, excels in pushing the boundaries of human experience, calling forth a wealth of emotion even with the most abstract of paintings. For all the literal replicas of scenes painted in painstaking detail, abstract art is a chameleon of sorts, taking on different qualities depending upon the viewer. One view of any piece of abstract painting might see a twisted and dark take on humanity while another view will bring the sympathetic plight of humans treated like machines to the forefront.

Ovanez Papazian provides an eclectic and skilled option for home décor and artwork. His color palette is colorful and the lines in his city landscapes radiate with the bustling energy of towns and cities the world over. It’s contemporary but harkens back to master painters that came before him, like Munch or Gauguin. Even Papazian’s nighttime landscapes crackle with the same frantic lines of the pieces set during the day.

His portrait work is imaginative and beautiful, with an element of the surreal. Some of the more colorful of his portraits are reminiscent of Munch’s “The Scream” in how skillfully his choice of color and line can communicate any emotions the subject of the piece may be feeling. There is an air of mystery to his pieces that would not be out of place in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. His works portraying clowns are both psychologically twisted as well as profoundly sympathetic, providing an amazing juxtaposition.

There is a stunning textural quality to the paper used for his pastel artwork, which really serves the artwork as a whole. The landscapes of trees that seem to bend with the paper, making it seem like it’s a hot day and the air is shimmering ahead of you. In others, the grain of the paper can make it appear in Papazian’s beach scenes like the viewer has come to the beach on a particularly windy day.

The abstract paintings and drawings are where Ovanez Papazian shines because all of his works in that area make the viewer really think about what they’re seeing. The bold color choices around the mummy (including the mummy’s sad blue eyes) make the constraint of the bandages obvious. In fact, the bandages are so tight that an outline of the mouth can be seen, as if the mummy is bound and cannot speak.

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Several of his abstract work depicts people made of gears and metal parts, put together with screws. Humanity as a machine or conversely, machines being made in human form opens up a dialogue about the modern industrial world. The machine-made people stare in the distance, perhaps as if to see years of work on the assembly line as just one more cog in the industrial machine.

Papazian’s abstracts are absurd at first glance, but there is really an invitation to sympathy for most of the abstract characters that he draws. From clowns to clockwork, people or the masks that stare judgmentally at any viewer who deigns to look upon them, Papazian uses bright blues, reds, and greens to bring the eye to his works. It’s a mastery of color that is attention-getting, to say the least.

Papazian also has a line of beautifully designed lampshades painted in his signature style. Rich reds and metallic pieces create a visual interest that normal lampshades do not possess. The artist also creates 3D sculpture work, including a series of colorful masks.

A person could easily decorate the entire house from this website by buying prints, paintings, statues, and lampshades. It is particularly pleasurable for Papazian as he enjoys sharing his artwork with the world. The entire house will be colorful and interesting when there is an abstract piece of artwork on the wall, as people enquire just where you got your décor.

Art can only enhance your life and it’s not just for rich collectors anymore. Putting together creative displays of art from artists located around the world is the perfect choice for interior design because it enhances your life, in addition to your home. There is no valid argument against the importance of abstract art because it can move the viewer to tears or move them to think about the world and their place in it. Investing in art is really an investment in the soul.

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