A New Platform for Video on Demand – Yondo

The growth of video on demand platforms is directly related to the shift in viewer habits from scheduled viewing to viewing whenever and wherever a person wants. People now have the capacity to watch videos on the go and taking advantage of that is vital to your success.

No matter whether you’re hosting genealogy webinars or giving motivational speeches, you can sell your videos on a new platform called Yondo. They practically do all the work for you once you do the initial setup.  In addition to selling your videos, you can also conduct and sell online group classes, 1-to-1 consultations, and webinars.   With the video on demand functionality, viewers can either rent the video or have it included in a subscription and you can set the length of time your customers can gain access to your videos.

Your account is entirely customizable and that includes customizing personalized emails to customers as well as page templates and checkout fields. Payments can be accepted once you enter your details because Yondo works with Stripe payment processing. Customers can pay with pretty much any major credit card in the world so you won’t have to worry about whether customers will be able to take part in the VOD world on Yondo.

It’s really easy to make money. Monetize everything from webinars to live video consultations either by video rental or a full-on subscription. As the creator, you get to decide to price, number of listings, and length of videos.  Best of all, you retain all of the revenue.

All of it can be hosted on Yondo via a branded domain or the free use of a Yondo subdomain. Anyone can have a beautiful Yondo storefront for all the videos on demand they want to present their customers. Then you can focus on the business of creating videos and you can make money at the same time!

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