6 Tips On How To Make A Decision Fast And Efficiently

A sizeable portion of the population may be termed indecisive but even the most commanding amongst us will have times where they cannot come to a decision. Decision making can be an art form at the best of times though, so when you’re in a pickle, what can you do? Here are the best ways to settle whatever it is you’re indecisive about:

1. Write About It: Therapists will often counsel their patients to write a journal about their feelings. Getting out the worries you have about a particular decision can unlock the underlying issues you’re facing. Are you afraid of the outcomes if you make the wrong decision? Knowing what scares you can allow you to confront the issue head-on and finally make a decision.

2. Research: Try to get all the information you need in order to make an informed choice. You’ll regret not knowing key pieces of information before you make any decision that you’ve been struggling with. However, it should be noted that too much information could make it harder to come to a decision so keeping a careful balance on things is a must.

3. Make Lists: First, make a list of possible choices and the outcomes. Then take those lists and make pro and con lists for each one. Seeing the details and thinking about the benefits and consequences might make a decision clear to you or at least clear up a few questions you may have.

4. Pretend You’re Advising a Friend: Tackle the problem from a different perspective and think about how you would advise friends and family about which decision to make. Sometimes all it takes is to step aside from all the personal emotions you may feel about the issue and decide on what you’d say to your friend.

5. Trust your Gut: All too often we go against our instincts and miss out on amazing opportunities or the reverse happens, like facing bad consequences because we didn’t listen to what our gut was saying. If your gut is telling you to stay away from a decision, it may know something your mind can’t put into words.

6. Use the Random Decision Maker: The best tool for decision making is Random Decision  Maker. If you’re truly stuck on deciding what to do, letting a random decision maker help could be just the solution. Whatever result you get, you’ll either feel it’s right in your gut or finally sees what solution you’d rather have gotten. It’s the easiest way to make a decision without doing all the work!

Trying to make important decisions on your own can be hard but all is not lost. By using the tools described above, decision making has never been so easy. Put the Internet to work for you and use the random decision maker to work for you today! It takes most of the guesswork out of making a decision and you can still make sure it’s come to a decision that can work for you.

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