5 Ways To Prevent Your Craigslist Post From Being Flagged

Business owners can spend a lot of time on marketing to clients. Craigslist gives them a great way to bring their products directly to the attention of the community they serve in by posting on the site. However, sometimes even the best posts get flagged for a variety of reasons:

1. Not Spreading Posts Out

It might seem convenient to post all of your inventory (cars or houses for example) at once and get on with your day but it will get flagged!

2. Too Many Posts From The Same IP

Craigslist tracks the IP address and if there’s a wealth of posts from the same IP, it will look suspiciously like spam. Likewise, it is sensitive to non-local IP addresses too.

3. Identical Content

Posts that look too identical to one another will be an automatic red flag. Some of the content might be a little different but not different enough for the algorithm to pick up on and it will get flagged too.

4. Ratio Of Views To Users Flagging The Post

It’s the law of averages. If there are only a few viewers for your post but high enough percentage of people flag it, it will get deleted without permission.

What is the biggest problem facing business owners who post on Craigslist? Competitors.

5. Competitors

Trying to get an edge on the competition is all well and good but some businesses become dishonest about it. They’ll use software programs to automatically flag posts! There has to be a way to block flagging your posts right?

It’s a struggle for a lot of legitimate businesses but there is a solution. A site like Flagging Blocker guarantees that it will stop anyone flagging your posts again. They operate on a monthly basis and you can pay for as much or as little as you plan on posting to Craigslist. Then Flagging blocker blocks competitors from flagging your posts for a minimum of 10 days. It’s simple!

You spend all that time crafting your ad and it shouldn’t go to waste. By using a simple upload service, you can ensure your competitors won’t flag your posts. Owning a business can be time-consuming so making things easier on yourself and your business is always an advantage. Blocking flags on your Craigslist post is the way forward!

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