5 Things To Know About Garage Door Repair And Maintenance

A garage door can be the most important door in the entire house because most people leave and enter their home by opening or closing their garage door. Maintenance is key to make sure the door is running smoothly, safely, and keeps the home’s residents safe. Here are 5 things you need to know about garage door maintenance, repair, and replacement:

1. Regular Camera Test

All garage doors after 1993 have to be equipped with a special photo eye that if triggered would reverse a descending garage door to prevent injuries. Press the button for the garage door so that it begins to close and inch the handle of a long rake or mop towards the door until it passes by the camera. If the camera works, that should cause the garage door to rise. If not, clean it, and if it doesn’t work, it’s time to call a garage repair company like A1 Garage Door Repair Milwaukee.

2. Regular Lubrication

Like most machines, they need to be well oiled in order for all the gears to keep working. Noisy garage doors could well be a sign that it needs a little lithium or silicone lubricant to smoothly open and close. Otherwise, try to do it on an annual basis to prevent the door requiring a possible major repair by a licensed professional.

3. Broken Springs

According to A1 Garage Door Repair Milwaukee, torsion springs are the “most commonly replaced parts on a garage door.” Don’t try to replace them yourself! The high torsion in the springs can make them a hazard for the house and any inexperienced person handling the springs. Usually, trained repairmen can come and replace them within hours anyway so it’s best to be safe.

4. Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

The most complicated part of the garage door system has to be the garage door opener. The number of things that can go wrong can be anything from the pulley mechanism failing to remote communication problems. Most of these repairs have to be done by a seasoned professional because it requires technical know-how to see what the problem is and how to fix it.

5. If It Can’t Be Repaired, Replace The Door

Today’s garage doors are better insulated and much stronger than the doors of the past so replacing it can actually be a bargain. Be sure to go with a Better Business Bureau affiliated replacement service with great reviews – for instance, A1Garage Door Repair Milwaukee. Choosing the right design can increase your property’s value and gives homes great curb appeal when it’s time to sell.

A healthy garage door means a happy home and a happy homeowner! It’s important to know what problems can be fixed on your own and which malfunctions need a licensed, experienced professional to diagnose and treat. The garage door of any home should be able to operate smoothly and safely. Protect yourself and your home by knowing the difference and your garage door will last for years to come!

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