4 Tips To Add A Personal Touch To Formal Wear

Tailoring the suit for you

As we all know, the Oscars Season has finally arrived and folks simply cannot get enough of the fabulous and orgasmic red carpet. Unfortunately, the best-dressed gentlemen are oftentimes overlooked. This happens because, as you may very well know it by now, we live in a society where sensationalism triumphs over quality and decency.

Menswear is usually implying rigid rules and strict codes, especially when it comes to evening wear. So, what do you do when you want to fancy things up a little and add your very own touch to the strict and rigid evening attire?

Well, luckily for you, those very rigid rules and strict codes are your strengths. A beautiful, classical tuxedo or formal suit is much like a painter’s white canvas: ready to be transformed into art. While you keep that idea in mind, check out below the many and very easy ways I compiled for you lot to make yourself fabulous.

1. „Fabulize” the Lapel

Even though most people simply do not give a rat’s ass on it, the jacket lapel is usually prepared for accessorizing.

The utmost formal alternative you have is the boutonnière. Should you decide to go down this intriguing path, bear in mind that there is always a flower shop you could enter and for spring to put in the buttonhole. Though the potential- and almost tragic- downside of this is having your beautiful and delicate flower wilt, there is an alternative.

We strongly believe that you would be better off with a deluxe, reusable item that will never fail you, regardless of humidity, heat and so on. You should opt for a floral fabric pin. The Parisian brands are the best on the market, so you would invest your money into something really good.

Also, thanks to the vast color palette available today on the market you will no trouble finding something that would contrast your or something that would harmoniously blend with it. Like a soft green suit matched with a pale yellow flower pin.

Now, at the opposite pole, you could opt for an ordinary metal lapel pin. This too would make for an intriguing accessory to your suit, BUT, only during the week aka use it for non-formal events. The only thing you need to make sure is that you match it with the other metals you might be having on you. Also, try not to decorate yourself like a Christmas tree. This ain’t no Halloween, boy. And what I mean by this is, do not over-accessorize.

2. Mind the neck area

Another hassle free way you can add your very own personal touch to virtually any suit is to choose the textured neckwear. Although most formal events will prohibit any display of creativity directed towards your apparel, you would be shocked to discover just how much a tie or bow tie can do for your overall appearance- should you select just the right material. This little trick can bring your look into the refined and classy area.

Now, just as you don’t go jogging in the morning in your dress shoes, it is important to keep in mind that you also don’t go jogging in a tank top in January. So, your neck wear has to be seasonally appropriate. If the weather is hot and fine you might want to consider lighter materials so you will not sweat like a dog. Such fabrics would be linen or silk. If the weather is cold as hell, then by all means, switch for tweed or wool.

3. Add a silk scarf for extra style points

Although not every man’s choice, this underrated silk scarf will not only keep you warm and toasty but also pimp you up as a luxurious gentleman. Even though it is not very easy to pull it off, you can rest assured that if you do, then you will give off the impression you are the true connoisseur of style who wears tall and proud this debonair fashion piece.

Beautiful color such as green or red, or even non-colors black or white are extremely well suited for evening events. Surely, if you wear them over your shoulder. You could also try to tie them around the neck, loosely. These tend to go quite well if you choose to wear a suit or a tux that has intense colors.

If you are looking for inspiration as to what to add to your outfit for daytime hours, the go for scarves. Choose beautiful scarves in beautiful, pale colors hues but with bold prints. These work well anything tailored.

4. Add some life to your apparel

Now, I believe we have all got this down by now. We know the difference between a suit and a tuxedo. Just as we know that if the event or occasion you may be attending has a dress code, then that means strict codes and rigid rules. But, even if the rules seem to be unshakable, you must respect them to some extent. Not respecting the dress code is not stylish and is a statement of poor taste on your behalf. Very ungentlemanly.

However, should the invite fail to explicitly state the details of your apparel or color palette, then you have yourself an opportunity to show the world just how stylish and bold you are.

There are renowned names on the market that specialize in crafting over-sized collars for formal shirts that guarantee you to look just as handsome with your suit or tuxedo off as you look with it on. The over-sized bad boys look really cool under your top of choice regardless if you’ve buttoned them op or decided to show off a little skin. Of course, over-sized granddad collars are exclusive to formal events.

For the casual-elegant daily office type attire, you may opt for a less formal shirt, but bold nonetheless – this is the style for men. Choose a heavy-patterned one. Go for interesting and funny patterns: dots, lines, stripes or even mighty florals.

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