3 Ways To Promote Your Non-Profit Organization

Nonprofit Organization

The success of your non-profit organization depends, in part, on your continued commitment to promoting your organization in new and creative ways. This can be a challenge for organizations with a limited budget, but read on for three ways to promote your non-profit without spending much.

Social Media

First, create social media pages for your organization. These don’t cost anything to start, and they can reach a surprising number of people if you keep them up-to-date and interesting. Fill your social media pages with facts about your organization, pictures, videos, event notices, needs and even fun challenges for your followers. Invite your friends, relatives, coworkers and volunteers to share your organization’s sites on their own social media pages.

Printed Materials

Sometimes old-fashioned printed materials are still one of the best ways to promote your organization. If you are preparing for an event, try printing banners Blue Springs MO to advertise your event, and hang them in prominent places. Also, create posters and flyers, and ask local businesses to display them and allow you to hand them out.

Even if you aren’t promoting a specific event, you can still print posters and fliers every so often just to keep your organization in the public eye. Consider creating a brochure as well that explains the purpose and activities of your organization, and hand it out to potential supporters.

Word of Mouth

Finally, there is sometimes no better way to promote your organization than simple word of mouth. Talk about your organization to the people you meet in your daily activities. Ask if you can speak to local civic groups, churches or businesses to explain what your organization does and what you currently need. Gather a group of volunteers to spread the word about events or even about your organization in general, and give them a series of talking points. You might be surprised at how much difference word-of-mouth promotion can make.

Your non-profit organization plays an important role in your community, so make sure everyone knows about it through excellent promotion.

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