Vacuum Pumps: 3 Uses You Never Thought Of

The importance of vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are devices which moves air from one area to another. Many times these are used to either remove air from an enclosed space to create a vacuum or to put air into another enclosed space to create pressure.

These vacuum pumps can have more that one use, of course. In fact, they are quite versatile in that they can be used in a number of fields. Ever since their invention, they have gained popularity and have made jobs worldwide a lot easier. Some might even say they have revolutionized certain branches of food and storage industry. Indeed, these devices can be used in more places than you may think such as the home, various industries, and many hobbies.

Vacuum Pumps Uses At Home

You probably use a gast vacuum pump in your home without realizing it. Do you own a vacuum cleaner? A refridgerator? An AC? Not only is there a pump in the vacuum you use to clean your carpets, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems use a pump to move air around your home. You may also have a unit to help you seal your food into packets safe from freezer burn. Because these units use a change in pressure to move fluids such as air and water, you can also use a vacuum pump to power a home air compressor.

Indeed, these devices are literally everywhere. They are so widespread that our modern life wouldn’t be possible without them!

Industry Uses

Vacuum pumps are a huge part of many industries such as medical and manufacturing. Without them, artificial breathing and artificial blood circulation would not be possible. Another important field of application for these devices is the sterilization field. Vacuum pumps are used in industrial sterilizers.

Another aspect of our modern life that relies on these devices are powering tools from repair shops. Putting tires on cars would be a lot more difficult without these pumps.

Whether these pumps are helping patients get better by regulating breathing or cleaning blood or powering tools to put tires on cars, they are an essential part of almost every aspect of life.

Vacuum Pumps For Hobbies

You can use a vacuum pump in your hobby shop to power tools, to clean workspaces and even to conduct experiments. There are many different pieces of equipment which incorporate pumps in the design. And you can get free-standing units as well. If you are building your own equipment, it is important to look at the specifications. Simply check the specs of various pumps to find the right one for the application.

As you’ve come to realize by now, vacuum pumps are in more pieces of equipment and applications that you may have initially thought. Soon after their invention, vacuum pumps were used to increase storage in closets by reducing the space clothes take up. And they have also revolutionized the food industry by prolonging the expiration date on various foods. Whether you are using them for your home, industry or hobby, they can help move air or fluids from one area to another with a change in pressure.

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