3 Easy Ways To Care For Colored Hair

The chemical reactions that transform hair from a dull brown to an intense red or from a graying shade of blond to platinum, shiny one are not magic – they are endurance tests that hair either passes or not. How often did you hear about salon fails that left the customer crying and the stylist nearly dead from desperation?

  1. See a Professional

In order to avoid such a catastrophic outcome, you should see a professional colorist. That person knows what he or she is doing and you can rest assured that your hair is in the best hands. Most women make the tragic mistake of buying a box of color from their local supermarket and believing that their hair will look exactly like that of the presented model’s.

Well, that will never happen. That model had her hair colored and coiffed by a professional, not an amateur. Yes, dying your hair in a stylish salon costs, but aren’t you worth it? Thinks of this when you want to change your hair color. Besides, when it is time to have your roots done, the costs will diminish dramatically.

  1. Use Professional Hair Care Products

Do not complain, if your hair feels dry after a coloration job. First of all, ask your colorist to tell you with which brand he is working and let him explain if the dyes are mineral or vegetal. My advice is that you go for the second option, as mineral hair dyes tend to attack the fiber more.

Even if you color your hair with the world’s most luxurious and protective hair dye, which is Wella Professionals’ Illumina Color, you still have to use some appropriate hair care products. Go for the System Professional  Color Save Range. The results will astonish you – your hair never looked and felt that good!

  1. Avoid Heat

Whether it is long exposure to sunlight or hot water, it does not matter. Colored hair is very sensitive to heat. The cuticle opens and the hair fiber loses color pigments. Trouble is, the cuticle does not close completely when you blow-dry your hair, which leads to split ends and hair that is prone to breaking.

Was your hair with warm water instead and wear a hat when you are going to the beach. This will help your color last for longer. In addition to that, towel-dry it by squeezing, not rubbing it – you will reduce the risk of breakage and split ends to a minimum. Set your blow dryer to a medium temperature, instead of a high one and you will be very pleased with the results.

To sum it all up, caring for colored hair is not as difficult as some women want to make it sound. Yes, it does require that you change a few habits in your shower routine, but that is about it. Oh, and if you really want perfect hair and stunning shades, see a Wella Professionals Colorist and ask for an Illumina Color service. You’ll see and feel the difference!

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