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3 Ways To Promote Your Non-Profit Organization

Nonprofit Organization

The success of your non-profit organization depends, in part, on your continued commitment to promoting your organization in new and creative ways. This can be a challenge for organizations with a limited budget, but read on for three ways to promote your non-profit without spending much. Social Media First, create social media pages for your organization. These don’t cost anything to start, and they can reach a surprising number of people if you keep them up-to-date and interesting. Fill your ... Read More »

3 Tips On Supporting Your Remote Staff

remote staff

Whether your office is new to remote work, switching to a hybrid office or simply looking to improve your worker’s environment, finding ways to support your staff is key to improving employee relationships. While there are many benefits to the remote office, as a manager, you need to provide appropriate support to ensure your company’s success. Follow this guide for three tips to help you help your staff.   Proper Equipment When someone is setting up a home office, as their ... Read More »

What Is Steel Channel Used For?

steel channel

For versatility and durability in manufacturing, it’s hard to beat steel channels. The basic steel channel can vary in thickness and length. They might be shaped like a square C or have lips on either side of the cross-section. Steel channel beams can also have bolting holes or ridges added for increased strength. Regardless of the form, steel channel beams are used in a variety of applications. This article will detail a few examples below. Vehicle Manufacturing Vehicles often have ... Read More »